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Get Click to Dial with the CallVia3CX Chrome Extension

With every new improvement and feature of 3CX, we’re introducing ways to make our customers happier and their employees more productive and the CallVia3CX extension for Chrome is no exception!

With the CallVia3CX extension, users can dial phone numbers directly from their CRM or browser by a simple click of the mouse. Numbers are automatically transferred to the 3CX client for Windows ready for the call to be made, eliminating the need to copy and paste or dial. Essentially, it gives every page you visit Click2Call functionality!

This is a small feature that will make a big difference to employees making countless numbers of calls everyday, allowing them to save time, boost productivity and increase sales and customer satisfaction. The extension automatically identifies and highlights phone numbers in CRM applications, emails, websites, and more and works seamlessly with the 3CX client for Windows.

softphone client and CallVia3CX

Get Click to Dial with the CallVia3CX Chrome Extension

The plugin will enable users to integrate their communications with every step of their work flow process, and with the apps and websites that they use everyday.

Head over to the Chrome Store to install the CallVia3CX extension today!