K2 Hosted pbx features

K2 Hosted PBX features

Call Forwarding

Nobody likes missing phone calls! With K2 Hosted PBX call forwarding system, you can transfer your calls to another extension, phone, or even your mobile phone. You can now be reachable even if you’re out of the office.

Unlimited Calling

K2 phone lines include unlimited calling. You can stop worrying about long distance fees and start saving.

Limit calls per

By configuring calling limits, a company can restrict international calls for certain users and limit the risk of loss if the system is used without authorization.

Phone and hardware leasing

We understand that purchasing hardware can be a significant investment, especially for young companies, even if our prices are the best on the market. This is why we provide a leasing option for hardware to get started without spending a substantial amount of money.

Toll-free number minutes

K2 understands your need to budget and get the best value; which is why we offer affordable minute packages of incoming minutes for toll-free numbers.


Faxing is included in K2 Hosted PBX plans. You can either receive faxes through your traditional fax machine, or receive faxes virtually. With virtual faxing, faxes are sent to your email inbox as PDF documents and you can also easily send faxes through email and your smartphone.

Keep your existing number

We understand the importance of existing phone numbers for businesses and the need to preserve them. At K2, we transfer (port) your existing numbers over so that your users can continue calling you on your existing phone number(s) and without any interruption.


K2 dedicated voicemail function answers to your calls when you can’t pick up your phone. Messages can be accessed remotely and even sent to your email address as sound files.

Automated menu (IVR)

The IVR function is an automated menu that can answer calls for you. The menu can then direct your callers to the right person or department.

No Contract

K2 guarantees a quality service. One of our hallmark features is that we offer a contract-free service, because we know that the best way to retain clinets is to offer a great service. We are commited to make sure that all of our clients are completely satisfied.

Advanced call reports

K2 Hosted PBX includes a variety of reporting tools for administrators and supervisors. The advanced call report is useful to follow your user’s activity.

Share your lines with all your offices

K2 lets you use your phone system from anywhere in the world. You could have an office in New York and another one in Paris and they could both use the same phone lines and resources, letting you save substantially on your communication costs.

Use without geographic limits

With a phone system in the cloud, geography and distance are no longer limiting factors. You can have phone extensions scattered around multiple offices around the world and your phone system will work as if everyone was in close proximity.

Add lines and extensions at any time

K2 system is flexible and lets you scale with your growth. You can add lines and extensions at antyime with fast activation.