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New 3CX iOS Client with Callkit integration

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Wouldn’t it be great if 3CX calls were treated in exactly the same way as GSM calls? Giving you the ability to answer right from the lock screen? With the new callkit features in iOS 10, 3CX has been able to achieve just that! 3CX calls appear similar to regular GSM calls on the smartphone’s lock screen and call logs are also listed in the main call log list of the iOS device.  This makes using 3CX on iOS seamless.

Update for the 3CX client for iOS   New 3CX client for iOS available    Answer calls from your lock screen with the 3CX client for iOS

Treat your Extension Calls like Regular Calls

The new 3CX client for iOS allows you to switch between 3CX calls and personal cellular calls. For example, if you are on a business call using the 3CX client and a regular GSM call comes in you can put the 3CX call on hold to accept the incoming call or send it to voicemail.

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