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Prepaid Calling Card

K2 Prepaid Calling Card Service enables you to purchase calling minutes in advance to call your family and friends outside Canada and US from your home. While away from home or when travelling, use this service from your office, cellular, public phone, hotel, etc. to reach people anywhere in the world

No contract to sign.

No commitment.

No account opening fee.

You can buy prepaid credit for 5, 10 or 20 $ and call any long distance number in 2 ways:

Using a regular phone, call our access number, enter your calling card number, received with your phone card and dial your destination number you wish to call. You have to introduce the card number only first time when you call our access number. Second time, our system will recognize your phone number and allow you to dial destination number

Make international call using free softphone application. Just add your K2 sip account on softphone application and start the call.Then on the bottom you can add a button buy now and give option 5, 10 and 20 $ to add in cart and be able to pay and get calling card information by email.

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