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Hosted PBX

K2 Systems Business Phone VoIP solution offer high quality phone service at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines providing the absolute best rates with industry leading reliability and customer satisfaction. Using K2 Systems VoIP, you get the power and flexibility of a phone system hosted in the Cloud or on premise dedicate PBX with all of the business features included. K2 VoIP includes all of the features that are found in some of the most expensive traditional phone systems.

K2 Hosted PBX

K2 Systems has a great selection of Hosted PBX plans to choose from.

Hosted Plans

K2 Systems has a great selection of Hosted PBX plans to choose from.

  • An Enterprise-class business phone system
  • Unlimited calling and faxing
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Local, toll-free and vanity* toll-free numbers available
  • Incoming toll-free number minutes are included
  • Call management features
  • Flexibility to add additional lines and extensions at all times
  • No geographic limitations
  • Share your lines with all of your offices
  • Call conferencing
  • Access to detailed statistics and call detail records
  • System management through the web with different levels of access
  • Call recording
  • Call screening by name
  • Customer service module (Call queue, call listening, whispering, etc.)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Choose a new local, International, or Toll-free number
  • Voice recognition directory system
  • Automated receptionist (IVR)
  • International phone numbers

Lower overall costs

Eliminating on-premise PBX hardware reduces initial capex as well as the long-term, hidden costs of maintenance and expansion. With K2 Hosted PBX, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of hardware upgrades and upkeep. Your state-of-the art cloud communications system is continually updated to deliver the latest in communications technologies.

The simplicity of hosted PBX means there are no “sunk costs,” so you’re spared the expense of specialized IT staff or outside vendors. Legacy systems require onsite support for everything from troubleshooting to adding new extensions, and manufacturer-specific training is required to service these devices.

K2 Hosted PBX is simple to use and easy to manage. Each user can modify powerful features such as call handling, voicemail, greetings, and much more without IT assistance—so they (and the IT team) can be more productive.

Avoid convoluted billing. Choose a single provider for all your business communications, and receive one bill for all users, locations, and features. VoIP landline and mobile minutes, fax, text, voicemail, conferencing, online meetings, the virtual receptionist, and desktop and mobile apps—everything is included in one low, monthly cost.

Connect multiple locations and mobile and remote workers

Unite geographically dispersed locations, in-office staff, and remote workers into a single, seamless communications system

K2 hosted PBX allows for complete integration of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets integrate into and have all the functionality of the business phone system: voice, text, fax, conferencing, online meetings, and access to the corporate directory. Users make and receive calls and texts using their extensions or direct numbers, and they can use company-issued or personal mobile devices, which is ideal for BYOD initiatives.

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